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Dan Fedoruks' Training Manual

Please Note:

The following Training Manual was written by Dan Fedoruk from the Hong Kong Island Paddle Club. It took him five years to put this together and the Manual has become a secret guideline for coaches world-wide.

When I asked Dan for his permission to publish this Manual here on Dragon Boat Net (Creative Dragon Works), he instantly allowed me to do so, asking for nothing, but to quote him and the HKIPC.
- And, I think anybody using this Training Manual and possibly downloading and/or copying it must respect the persons being so much devoted to the sport and spending so much time and effort by quoting them. Everybody please remember that, there have been cases where this was not followed.

As a legal notice, please bear on mind that neither Dragon Boat Net (Creative Dragon Works), nor anybody associated with Dragon Boat Net (Creative Dragon Works) nor the author's will take any kind of liability and can not be held responsible in any way in case of any damage caused by following any training suggestions or the like from this manual. The usage of this manual and/or there from resulting training measures are on everybodys very own discretion and risk.

Again a big and warm Thank You to Dan and his friends from HKIPC


PS: The Training Manual has been modified to better fit on this web site and for navigation purpose. However, the actual content remains original.

Training Manual - by Dan Fedoruk (HKIPC)


The purpose for this training manual is to develop a comprehensive information base addressing many of the aspects of Dragon Boat and Outrigger training and racing. There is a tremendous amount of documentation available for sports such as canoeing, kayaking and for general fitness, however, little specifically targets training for Dragon Boating or Outrigger Canoeing. The function of this manual, therefore, is to define the general training principles for similar sports and to relate them to a specific regime that would most efficiently improve paddling performance.

The information presented in this manual incorporates knowledge borrowed from many other athletes and coaches who participate competitive Dragon Boat and Outrigger racing locally and internationally. By seeking to amalgamate this broad range of information, the manual is intended as a resource for Club members to explain why we do what we do in a larger context and for other teams who also desire to evaluate their own standards or methods of training by comparison.

The end product for the Hong Kong Island Paddle Club is the Training Programme which prescribes training activities for a complete season that should ultimately turn 'mush to muscles' and make the boat go faster.

Training Manual – Content:

Performance Parameters (take me there)

• Energy Systems

• The Anaerobic System

• The Aerobic System

• General Nutrition and Energy Concerns

• Fuel Consumption and Fluid Replacement During Racing

• Muscle Composition

Training Parameters (part 1) take me there

• Endurance
• Aerobic Capacity

--- Long Interval Training (Maximal Aerobic)

--- Short Interval Training (Lactic Tol. / Max. Aerobic)

--- Steady State Paddling (Anaerobic Threshold)

--- Fartlek

• Anaerobic Capacity

• The Central Nervous System

• Strength

• Strength Training Periodization

--- Hypertrophy

--- Strength

--- Maximum Strength

--- Power

Training Parameters (part 2) take me there

• Dryland Weight Training Progamme
• Speed

• Training for Speed

--- Reaction Time

--- Acceleration

--- Terminal Speed

--- Maintenance of Terminal Speed

--- Speed Endurance

• The Speed Reserve

• Psychology – Athletic Attitude

--- Desire

--- Assertiveness

--- Tension Control

--- Sensitivity

--- Personal Accountability

--- Confidence

--- Self Discipline

Training Parameters (part 3) take me there

• Technique

--- Catch

--- Compression

--- Finish

--- Recovery

• Variations in Stroke Technique

• Stroke Rating

• The Paddling Programme

--- General Fitness Preparation

--- Strength and Endurance Development

--- Speed Development and Race preparation

--- The Taper

Warm Up take me there

Injury Prevention