Photo & Video

Photography and the publishing and sales of photos, especially in the field of dragon boating, triggered the establishment of Creative Dragon Works. More details on this story you will find under Dragon Boat on this website.

Stanley 2006

As today I take photos for my needs when making „The Dragon Boat World’s Magazine“, which is published four times a year or for other means of publication like web-design, test reports and the like. Once in a while you also can find some of my photos in German motorcycle magazines. However, the most important reason taking photos is simply the fun and joy I have with it.


While many people know me as sport-event-photographer, I’m certainly not limited to that. In case you need a photographer for your event, you are welcome to contact me via e-mail Please respect, that I’m reluctant to do weddings, unless you are really convincing.

Video-productions I offer too. Some of my works you will find on this website when following the provided links. All videos and photos on this website are done be me myself.


Over the time I will build up a stock of photos, which then can be purchased in the Shop for a very little money. Hopefully in the one or other case this will become helpful. In case you are using any of this website’s photos, please kindly credit them to Creative Dragon Works. When using them on a webpage please also install a link to