Welcome to the diversity of Creative Dragon Works

Creative Dragon Works, a sole proprietor company, which was established in early 2006 in Hong Kong is now located in Germany since 2008.

The scope of business shows a rare combination of activities.

On the one hand it is quite some fields of arts like photography, video production, web & print media design and publishing – on the other hand Creative Dragon Works acts as a business consultancy in industrial engineering, as well as the sales of metals, graphites, ceramics and mechanical part and components.

Now, that’s quite a diversity – isn’t it?

Browse this website to find out, how diverse one person can be. I promise you, it will be interesting, no matter if you are in dragon boating or motorcycling, if you like camping in a tent outdoors or if you are an industrial purchaser in need for the best high-temperature materials. – Simply check it out, it is exciting!

You might ask yourself how all these activities match together – what do they have in common?

The answer: The making of a video, a magazine, a book or a machine part comprises a chain of production processes, which finally produce a competitive product, fulfilling certain market demands. – Having this on mind, we are back to the wide field of Industrial Engineering!

With very best regards

Henning Wiekhorst

PLEASE NOTE: Parts of this website are not finished yet and some necessary content like Terms&Conditions and Data-Protection-Notice are still missing, but coming soon!