Camping 2

Under the brandname MotorTrekking, Creative Dragon Works has developed its own tents and accessories making your life as a camper quite somewhat easier and more comfortable.

Focused on single-pole-tents, also known as tipi or lavvo, all the products are handmade in Germany by ourselves and are of high quality to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The development of our products is based on over 35 years of camping-experience, be it in hot summers or strong winters with sub-zero temperatures down to below -25° C.

Salzburgring 1985

So far, from our German website, we offered our products only to German market for the only reason of simple shipping-cost handling. The prices you see in our web-shops always include the shipping. by this, the price you see, is what you really have to pay! - There are no extra fees calculated on top!

From now on and via this website we extend our offer the rest of the world. The pricing compared to German market unfortunately differs by higher shipping-cost.

Having said above, there are no additional fees on top and depending on the customs of the country you are living in, it might happen, that the customs demand you to pay import duties. - Please forgive us, but that would be out of our control. The only thing we can do, is to correctly declare the shipment.

On the following pages our various products are introduced and described to you. In general and if want to purchase some of them, you will have to reckon with delivery times lasting anything between 3 - 5 weeks in case of a tent.

We are not keeping big stocks and when you buy, you have to pay in advance. Upon your order we will get the raw materials and manufacture the product especially for you.

Once we have received your payment, we will contact you and confirm the order by e-mail. Should you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us either by e-mail to or just give us a ring to +49 (0)228 9714 6896 (landline) or to +49 (0)151 1166 0461 (mobile phone).

In fact we encourage you to establish contact with us before you order. We simply want to be sure, that you know what you are buying. We care about the relationship and trustworthiness between our customers and us.

Our products are:

Tent-pole feet

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