The SPZ HIKING is the summer-version of our tents. As a “single-wall” tent with a variable foot-print, it is light-weight and spacious. Its orange color provides a very pleasing inside atmosphere.

A superior ventilation minimizes heat-jam and keeps a good climate.

Inside the SPZ HIKING
The SPZ HIKING gives you a good feeling when inside

Special attention is given to insect-protection!

Underneath the outer-tents’ storm-flap you find another flap made from insect-protection-net, which you simply can stick to the edge of the foot-print.

SPZ HIKING: insect-protection
The protection against insects

All together, the outer-tent, the foot-print, 18 pegs and the tent-pole, including the packing-bags, the total weight comes down to 4,2 kg, of which the very stable tent-pole has a share of 1,3 kg.

Regarding the packing-size, it is likely to fits into a saddle-bag of of motorcycle.

SPZ HIKING Dimensions
SPZ HIKING dimensions

Set-Up Features:

Being familiar with the tent, it will be possible to set it up as fast as in 3 to 5 minutes. To give the SPZ HIKING a stable stand, only 6 earth-nails or pegs are needed without the use of any ropes or lines. - At crowded places nobody walking by will fall over your lines!

When there is stronger wind, however there are in total 18 fixing options available.

For a detailed description of how to set it up, please go to SPZ-Set-Up.


Technical information on the fabric materials the SPZ tents are made from can be found on SPZ-Materials.

Water Colunm of outer-tent: > 3.500 mm
Water Column of Foot-print: > 10.000 mm

Tent Pole:

The SPZ HIKING comes with a stable, handcrafted, Aluminum tent pole. The pole outer diameter is 25 mm, the inner-diameter is 20 mm, which results in a wall-thickness of 2,5 mm. The pole is made of five single segments, which, when fitted, make a total length of 2, 30 m. The calculated maximum load you could put on top of the upright standing pole before it will collapse is at about 190 kg.