The MotorTrekking SPZ Tents

Motortrekking tents

SPZ comes from German language and stands for "Sharp Pointed Tent"

MotorTekking tents are developed from the perspective of a motorcyclist, which actual benefits also people being on their way by bicycle, canoe or simply by walking.

In our opinion the demands a tent needs to fulfill are:

  • easy and fast to set up and pack, even with cold fingers in winter
  • inner-tent sets up in one go with outer tent,
  • it has to be high enough to get dressed when standing
  • ventilation to avoid heat-jam in summer and condensed water in winter
  • stable stand in windy and stormy conditions
  • waterproofed, especially the footprint
  • decent packing size and weight
  • sufficient space to store gear
  • large entrance, so you don’t need to crawl in
MotorTrekking tent at Lofot Islands / Norway (photo: R. Brellochs)

To meet these criteria best, soon we found ourselves being bound with a single-pole-tent, which we modified compared to the usual. For a motorcyclist usually you don’t need a tent for more than two persons. In fact most of times you are alone in your tent.

There are plenty of single-pole-tents available in all kind of sizes. We didn’t find any 2-person tent with standing height and offering an inner-tent. Either you find one with standing height but no inner tent or you have an inner tent with no standing height.

For a 2-person tent in pyramid like shape of a cone, you will need to a footprint of about 3m in diameter. To maintain the standard cone’s top point angle, such a tent will come out at height of about 1,70m.

What we did is to keep the footprints diameter but increasing the height up to 2,30m. This gets us a much more sharp pointed tent with standing height. Other advantages are a slim shape not offering to much surface to wind and, due to the more steep outer tent causing rain and snow to slide off the tent much easier.

Motortrekking tent at Cape North
MotorTrekking tent at Cape North in windy conditions (photo: R. Spiekermann)

To increase the sliding effect, as well as for its known UV-resistance and durability even in sub-zero temperatures we decided to go for a silicon-coated nylon ripstop outer tent material. In total this works as fine, as it makes mentioning the water column as measurement of how water sealed a material is obsolete! - However, the WC the material stays sealed with is at minimum 3.500mm. To compare this value, a material withstanding 1.500mm is regarded as water sealed.

Now, not to write to much, our tent fulfills all above mentioned demands.
Even more, without using any ropes it stands stable even at moderate winds! - Now, this is a great advantage; it means on crowded campsites with many people walking around, nobody will fall over your lines!

Our tent is available in two different types:
the SPZ 1-2 TRAVELLER and the SPZ 2 HIKING.

The difference between those two types you can read on the respective pages in detail.