Tent-Poles made of Stainless Steel

If you own any tent using one central tent-pole or several, but straight poles and you feel they could be more rigid and stable, you should consider MotorTrekking's stainless steel tent-poles.

MotorTrekking stainless steel tent pole

While we offer them in various length, as they are common with other tent makers, ther is the possibility that don't find the length you wish to have. In that case please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail to wiekhorsthenning@mac.com. We will send you a quotation!

Our tent-poles are handmade from a stainless steel known as V2A. Usually they have an outer-diameter of 30 mm and a wall-thickness of 1 mm, which results in an inner-diameter of 28 mm.

Tent-poles of a length with 2 meter or less consist of four pole-segments which are held by a central elastic-rope. Poles longer than 2 m will have five segments, the longest tent-pole we make is 3,10 m in length.

tent-pole made of stainless steel

The connectors are made by inserting a smaller tube into the outer. This means there is material deformation like forging or the like to form the connector. - Such kind of deformation would cause critical collapsing points!

Another issue is the play of the connectors. As seen many times, tent-poles having a to big play will not stand straight and are more vulnerable to collapsing under heavy loads as for example caused by wet snow.

With MotorTrekking we individually fine-tune each single connector to minimize the play while at the same maintaing easy handling.

tent pole connection

Regarding our longest tent-pole with a length of 3,10 m, we also offer it in a stronger version. To achive the re-inforcement, with the three lower segments we insert another tube over the whole length of the outer tube. Therewith we reach a actual wall-thickness measuring 2,5 mm. The upper two segments remain with the standard 1 mm wall-thickness.

As a standard we offer the following dimensions:


2,00 meter

2,30 meter

2,55 meter

2,70 meter

3,00 meter

3,10 meter

3,10 meter (re-inforced)


2,3 kg

2,5 kg

2,7 kg

2,8 kg

3,0 kg

3.1 kg

4,5 kg

Maximum Load:

less than 434 kg

less than 328 kg

less than 267 kg

less than 238 kg

less than 192 kg

less than 180 kg

less than 300 kg