MotorTrekking Tent: The SPZ 1-2 TRAVELLER


SPZ 1 TRAVELLER - with 1-person inner-tent

The SPZ TRAVELLER is our all-season tent, with superior storm and bad weather stability.
It can either be equipped with a 1-person or a 2-persons inner-tent or with a footprint only. All of them can be exchanged with each other.

The SPZ TRAVELLER offers standing-height and a big entrance, so that you can walk in when you bend down a bit - no crawling!

A superior ventilation minimizes heat-jam and condensed water forming.


SPZ TRAVELLER Rear Ventilation
SPZ 1-2 TRAVELLER - rear ventilation window


The total weight of the heaviest version - including 36 pegs, packing backs and pole - ranges at about 5 kg, of which the tent-pole has a share of 1,3 kg.

Regarding the packing-size, it fits into many motorcycle-cases.


SPZ 1-2 Dimensions
Tent dimensions - the orange lines for the inner tents



The SPZ TRAVELLER outer-tent carries all connection points for the inner-tents or the foot-print only. Further it is equipped with the variable ventilation hut at the top, as well as with a ventilation-window at rear and with storm-flaps at bottom wedges. The entrance has an additional insect-protection door. Inside the top ventilation also a insect-protection net is inserted.

The SPZ TRAVELLER always comes in beige color.


TRAVELLER Insect protection door
The big insect-protection door


When ordering, you have the following options:

SPZ TRAVELLER Outer-Tent only
SPZ 1 TRAVELLER (with 1-Person-Inner-Tent)
SPZ 2 TRAVELLER (with 2-Persons-Inner-Tent)
SPZ TRAVELLER with foot-print


SPZ 2 TRAVELLER - equipped with the 2-persons inner-tent


There is the choice between a 1-person and 2-persons inner-tent.
With both the foot-print is firmly sewed in.


The 1-Person Inner-Tent is a well thought-through speciality for the lonesome traveller.
It separates the tents’ inside into a dry and clean sleeping area, while you can walk into the other half with keeping your shoes or boots on. The walk-in area is big enough to sit on a small camping-chair. The highest living-comfort you achieve if you also order the optional Swing-Tent-Pole-Table!

The basic thinking behind this concept is, to have kind of living-room, where you can hide away with comfort from bad weather and taking a break on your trip. However, it really works fine and is difficult to describe, but - confirmed by almost everybody trying it - once you sit in there, you want to stay there!

SPZ 1 TRAVELLER - a great comfort for a single person



The 2-Persons Inner-Tent is set back about 50 cm from the entrance, leaving you a small area to store dirty shoes or boots. This also allows you to the entrance half-way open when its raining without water getting onto the foot-print.

SPZ 2 TRAVELLER - inside up
Inside up view in the 2-persons inner-tent



The variable Foot-print is clicked in into the outer-tent and offers you the best usage of tents’ inside space. Due to the premium material it is made from, you don’t need to worry about any water pressing through.


Variable foot-print
The foot-print is variable!

Tent Pole:

The SPZ TRAVELLER comes with a stable, handcrafted, Aluminum tent pole. The pole outer diameter is 25 mm, the inner-diameter is 20 mm, which results in a wall-thickness of 2,5 mm. The pole is made of five single segments, which, when fitted, make a total length of 2, 30 m. The calculated maximum load you could put on top of the upright standing pole before it will collapse is at about 190 kg.


SPZ Content
The tent comes with a stable pole

Set-Up Features:

Once you are familiar with the set up, you might be able to do it in less than five minutes. The fastest time achieved by the tents’ maker is 3 1/2 minutes.

As a normal practice you have the inner-tent mounted inside the outer-tent, which means both together are setting up in one go. In case the inner-tent is separated, you will have put up the outer-tent first.

For a detailed description of the set up go to SPZ-Set-Up or watch the video.

While for the basic set up of the tent you only need six pegs or nails, you will need a total of 36 pegs to make use of all mounting options the tent offers.

The mounting points are:

at the 6 corners
in the middle between each corner under the storm-flaps (6)
at the corners of the storm-flaps (12)
with 6 storm-lines
with 6 snow-lines


The SPZ TRAVELLER offers many options to fix it to the ground


Technical information on the fabric materials the SPZ tents are made from can be found on SPZ-Materials.

Water Colunm of outer-tent: > 3.500 mm
Water Column of Foot-print: > 10.000 mm