MotorTrekking tents are made from best fabric materials.


We use for the ...

... Outer-Tent a light-weight, on both sides silicon coated, 40den, 55 g/sqm Ripstop-Nylon, withstanding  a water column of >3.500 mm. The fabric's tear-resistance against crack development can be expressed by  a force equivivalent to 17,8 kg. The material fullfils the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class II and Reach.

For the SPZ TRAVELLER we always use the favric in beige color, while the SPZ HIKING will always come in orange.

... Foot-Print, as well as for the Top-Ventilation-Hut and the Stormflaps a several-layers PU coated, 70den, 90 g/sqm, black Nylon, being good to hold a minomum water column of >10.000 mm.

... Inner-Tent a breathing, light-grey Ripstop-Nylon with 40den and 45 g/sqm.


Please note:

  • Nylon (Polyamid) expands when getting wet. It is absolutely normal that you have to re-adjust the tension of the standing tent.


  • Silicon-coatings are the best available, especially in UV-resistance and in staying flexible at freezing temperatures. Compared to other coatings they show a little less abrasion-resistance. So, when cleaning your tent don't rub it! Do not use detergents! - Plain water and careful wiping with a soft sponge or cloth is just fine!


  • If your tent comes into age, it might occur that you wish to re-impregnate the tent. Please only use a suitable Silicon Impregnation recommended by dedicated and professional outdoor dealers and - shops. However, we practically use our own tents for long-term testing. So far we can confirm our tents still staying sealed after 2 1/2 years and over 100 set ups in all kind of weather condiditions - be it in hot summer with up 38°C, in heavy hail-storm, strongest rain, snow-fall and freezing temperatures - it is still sealed and fine. Up to now we have no reason to re-impregnate it!


  • The tent materials are NOT fire-resistant! Flying sparks from a camp-fire can cause damage to the fabric. Please keep your tent with a sufficient distance away from a camp fire. If you use a heating, do it under the usual caution and be sure that you know what you are doing. Only use stoves fired by spiritus, gasoline or gas, but nothing which possibly is causing sparks. Make sure, no part of the tent is exposed to extrem heat. Further  - and being concerned about your health - we strongly advise you to inform yourself about poisoness gas development when operating a camping-heater or any kind of fire.