Since 1980, when I was 16 years old, I not only drive motorcycles, but also maintain and repair them.

[:en]two bikes[:]

Being a motorcyclist, this has become kind of my lifestyle and for a period of 13 years I headed the organisation of the famous Elephant Meeting. It was in late 1987 when the German Motorcycle association BVDM decided not to hold the meeting any more for financial reasons. As a member of the BVDM at that time, I was certainly not amused by this decission and stepped up by announcing to continue the Elephant Meeting at the race circuit of Salzburg / Austria. With my friends I successfully held the meeting there in 1988 and 1989. However, for thr 1990-Meeting we were forced to change the location. So it happened under my guidance that we established the "Old Elephant Meeting" next to the race-circuit named "Nürburgring" in Germany, where the meeting still takes place today in each years February in the same way as set up be me.

[:en]Salzburgring 1985[:]

Beside the Elephant-Meeting I organized the very first European-Side-Car-Meeting in 1989 on behalf the German Side-Car-Magazine "Motorrad Gespanne". Having been engaged in several other smaller meetings, for me the most important one is my small and privately held meeting "Rodderbergtreffen". I do this one since 1985 and people only can join upon personal invitation.


The "Rodderbergtreffen" celebrates the beginning of the winter-season and offers nothing except beer and a campfire. Anything else the participants have to bring.

On this website I will share a bit of the history of the Elephant-Meeting, since this - as far as I know - only has been told in German language.

As an engineer and metal-worker I also will share some of my workshop-works. Creative Dragon Works is not registered as a workshop, but more on a private basis there is one and once in a while I help out my friends with renovation old bikes or some mechanical parts as well connecting a side-car to a motorcycle and stuff like this.

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