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Since 2006 Creative Dragon Works makes web-pages, at first coded in HTML, then PHP and parallel also using the WordPress (WP) Content Management System (CMS). These were the early days of WP being around and soon I found WP making my web-life a lot easier.

It never was my aim to be a sophisticated code-writer, which I’m certainly not! - No, my focus was to have  a good looking and functional web-site without spending to much time on programming.

However, when I had an idea of something I wanted to have and couldn’t find it somewhere else, I stepped into learning the necessities and worked on it with my „never give up attitude“ until I got it.

Despite all the experiences made, I’m not a „coder“, but I can read and change codes to my liking. - If you want to build your own website or re-build your old website and desire some help, I will be happy when you contact me.

The span of assistance I offer ranges from simply training you on how to handle and operate a CMS like WordPress, which enables you to run your website all by yourself, up to creating your entire website, including the basics of what is named Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The charges I take need to be mutually agreed on, based on the workload coming with your demands and wishes. Usually after having been in contact with you and basically knowing your expectations, I will quote you a price. For training sessions the rate is based on 30,— Euro/hour.

Making a website needs some planing and preparation. Assuming that you already have a domain registered, you have to ask yourself, what is the purpose of your website? What is your website about? Which color scheme should it have? Do you have logo and a favicon? Did you prepare your media like photos, graphics, other artworks and perhaps videos for web-use? Do you own the necessary copyrights? Did you pre-write text and articles? How do you want to structure them? - There are a lot of things causing much work! - The best way is, you think about it as you would be writing a book or preparing a presentation. - Prepare the slides!

Contact me at any time and I’ll be guiding you through!

My e-mail: wiekhorsthenning@mac.com