Our Tent-Pole-Tables are unique and provide a great deal of comfort. Inside the tent they are space saving, can not be kicked to fall and are simply a very practical utility in your daily camping-life. To mount them to the tent pole is easy and the packing size is minimal.

We offer them with a variable clamping for tent-pole-diameters ranging from just above 20 mm up to 40 mm.

The following pictures speak for themselves:

Tent-Pole-Table from Motortrekking
The MotorTrekking Tent-Pole-Table has a diameter of 460 mm and is spacious enough for two people taking breakfast from.
Segmented tent table
The actual table splits into three segments. Each segment can carry a load of about 3 kg.


Vario clamping
The "Vario" clamping enables your flexibility to use the tent-pole-table on different tent-poles.
Tent-Pole-Table in parts
The parts of "Vario" tent-pole-table
Vario in detail
The Vario clamps can move about 10 mm in or out - for pole diameters smaller than 30 mm an inlay-wedge comes into use.
small tent-pole-table
Made for the SPZ-tents of MotorTrekking: The small tent-pole-table with a diameter of 290 mm. - It's not big enough to have breakfast from, but still it provides a very practical and save place to put your glases, keys or the like on. However, the bigger segment of the large tables would fit too or the other way around. This table fits on tent-poles with 25 mm in diameter.
Tent-Pole Swing-Table
The Tent-Pole-Swing-Table is a speciality for the SPZ 1 TRAVELLER tent from MotoTrekking. The table can be used for cooking or having a meal from.
parts of tent-pole-swing-table
The parts of the Tent-Pole-Swing-Table. You can recognize the bearing on which the table swings.


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