How to set up a SPZ tent


To set up a SPZ tent from you can make your life easy and use from MotorTrekking the pole-foot with set-up-gauge. To see how it works, watch the video - CLICK HERE!

How the usual setting up works is described as follows:


Step 1:

Unpack the tent, pegs and pole. If the ground where you want to place the tent is hard, please have a hammer available.


Step 2:

Lay the tent flat on the ground where you want to place it and spread it to have a nice symetrical six-corner shape.


Step 3:

Nail the pegs into the ground through the loops at each corner. DO NOT fasten the loops! - They should very loose!


Step 4:

Open the entrance door of the tent.


Step 5:

Assamble the tent-pole to its full length.


Step 6:

Take one end of the pole through the door to the inside of the tent and fit it into the small hat at the tip of the tent. Lift up the tent with pole and center the pole upright standing in the middle of the tent.


Step 7:

Leave the tent and close the door


Step 8:

Walk around the tent and pull tight the loops at each corner of the tent. - Your done, the tent stands!