Tent-Pole-Foot with 6 marks

Using a Tent-Pole-Foot protects the footprint of your tent and reduces the tent-pole of sinking into soft grounds.

Tent-Pole-Foot in use

From MotorTrekking you can obtain Tent-Pole-Feet for various tipees, lavvos or single-pole-tents. Most of them are equipped with, what we name, a set-up-gauge.

Tent-Pole-Foot with 10 marks

How does this work?

A single-pole-tent usually have 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 corners equally positioned on a certain diameter according to the tents size.

Our Tent-Pole-Feet have a center-hole and marks, dividing a circle into equal sections matching the number of corners your tent has.

Place the Tent-Pole-Foot on the ground, where you want to set up your tent. Put a nail or peg through the center-hole into the ground.

Take a line or rope. - On the one end you make a loop, on the other end you make a knot or mark at a distance of half the diameter of the virtual circle your pegs for fixing the tent shall be situated. Now put the loop over the "center hole peg" of the Tent-Pole-Foot. Pull the rope straight with little tension over one of the marks on the foot and nail a peg into the ground where have made the knot on the other end of the rope. Repeat this for every corner of your tent.

Once you have set all pegs, remove the Tent-Pole-Foot and its peg. Put your tent there and simply hook it onto the pegs you have set before. Keep the loops of your tent loose, set up the tent-pole and there after tighten the loops at each corner. - You are done!

How it is done, you can see in a video - CLICK HERE!

MotorTrekking offers you Tent-Pole-Feet with

  • 6 marks for a 6-corner tent fitting a pole-diameter up to 30 mm
  • 8 marks for 4 and 8 corners fitting for a pole diameter up to 40 mm
  • 10 marks for 5 and 10 corners fitting for a pole diameter up to 40 mm

Tent-poles smaller than the maximum diameter will center themselves on the Pole-Foot.