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GAISF in Beijing

Since April 27th, 2007 the IDBF is now a member of the General Assembly of International Sports Federations (GAISF). Dragon Boat Net takes the opportunity to congratulate the IDBF for this great success, which was a long, long way to achieve.

IDBF in Beijing
IDBF delegation in Beijing

Dragon Boating being a member of the GAISF means a lot for the further and undisturbed development of the sport as well as, in some countries, being necessary for the national federations to obtain official recognition and support.

Promotion by CDW
At GAISF - Promotion material designed by Creative Dragon Works

After three times failure of the IDBF's membership application due to the objections of the International Canoe Federation (ICF) the GAISF GA, held in Beijing, decided now in favor of the IDBF and against repeated objections of the ICF. The voting results from a total of 73 federations being present and having the right to vote with 38 YES, 33 NO and 2 Abstensions.

Voting results

Finally, Dragon Boaters can be very proud about their IDBF, which has taken all the "sport political" burdens to achieve this so crucial benchmark for the Dragon Boating Sport. In Beijing it was a spirit of really sitting in one boat and being totally committed to providing and securing the necessary international framework for further growth, development and preservation of the sport's tradition and culture.

Dragon Boat Net and The Dragon Boat Channel (DBTV) will give you soon more extensive coverage about the meeting in Beijing. Stay tuned.