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Dragon Boat Net arose after publishing the book "Hong Kong - Mother of Dragons". It was a time with the internet becomming more and more popular and the flood of webpages coming up, all still programmed in HTML For sure, nobody was yet talking about tablets or smart-phones. No, a mobile phone still was, what the name says - a phone! - And the latest very fancy technology enabled people to send SMS. YouTube was already around, but things like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or the like, nobody was talking about. Also most dragon boat clubs or teams could not effort a own website.

When www.dragonboatnet.com went online, it offered several services to the dragon boat community.

Dragon Boat Net first of all had a huge gallery of photos from all the races in Hong Kong and likely every participating team was able to find some nice pictures of themselves. It was okay for everybody to download the photos under the only condition of showing the credits to Dragon Boat Net. At the end there were about 30.000 photographs to see.

In its "Cinema section" you were able to see all the Creative Dragon Works videos.

At the time a very unique and exclusive feature was the race calendar of Dragon Boat Net. It allowed everybody via an online-input-form to enter events and races, so that paddlers could look up when and where races take place in which country and how to contact the organizer.

Teams not having an own website were offered to have their webspace on Dragon Boat Net for free.

With its "Insight section" a lot information about the sport, its tradition or about training were provided.

Dragon Boat Net offered, in times before social media being around, a world-wide dragon boat forum.

It allways was an independant website, allthough later there was a very close co-operation with the IDBF. However, the financing was done by selling related advertisements. Dragon Boat Net certainly was an important website for dragon boating world-wide. Well, in early 2018 Dragon Boat Net was re-launched and let's see how Dragon Boat Net will develop in the future

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