Creative Dragon Works, a sole proprietor company, established early 2006 in Hong Kong, but since 2008 located in Germany, offers a rare combination of activities.

On the one hand Creative Dragon Works covers creative fields like photography, video production, media design and publishing.

On the other hand CDW acts as a business consultancy in industrial engineering, as well as the sales of metals, graphites, ceramics and mechanical part and components.

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Web & Media

Most of todays publishing happens through web-media, be it via the so named social-media, blogs or web-sites. Hardcopy print-media are still liked by many readers too.

Creative Dragon Works can design your website, set up your blog or getting you started with your WordPress-system. CLICK HERE


In partnership with industrial suppliers high temperature materials like Tungsten and it’s alloys, Ceramics and Graphites, as well as consultancy regarding the material’s application can be offered. Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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Almost 40 years of motorcycling, traveling through Europe and visiting numerous out-door meetings, be it in burning summer or freezing cold winter, provide a lot to tell and the experience forming the base of developing the MotorTrekking products.

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Our registered brand MotorTrekking covers self developed and self produced high quality outdoor equipment, such as tents, cloth- and lamp-hangers, tent-poles or tent-pole-tables. All products are handmade! Upon your order and payment in advance, dedicated materials will be purchased to fufill your demand.

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