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Welcome to DRADON SPORT NEWS - E-Magazine, as the independent voice of Dragon Boating.

After the former Dragon Boat World Magazine has ceased operation, there were some trials by others to pick up on publishing a dragon boat magazine. Unfortunately those trials had no success!

It was Mike Haslam, who then created the independent newsletter under the name DRAGON SPORT NEWS. Now with having some time again, Creative Dragon Works contacted Mike and we concluded to work together on this. On the one hand by keeping what Mike has done so far and on the other hand following the old tradition of Dragon Boat World Magazine.

Going to be published four times a year, each January, April, July and October under the magazines name as created by Mike, but with a layout and design remembering Dragon Boat World, latest by the end of April 2018 you will be able to download the next issue from her, this page!

Well, announcing something new is always great and easy! However, without the help of all of you out there the magazine will not last for long! - We need your help and support!

Please send us by e-mail to wiekhorsthenning@mac.com contributions, tell us your stories, your experiences, what bothers you, your photos, your opinions and so on. We only can be your voice of Dragon Boating if we hear you! - So again, please help us out!

Finally I'm really thrilled about coming back to supporting and promoting the Dragon Boat Sport and hoping to see you out there again.




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