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DBWI-Header Creative Dragon Works has published for allmost three years the world-wide only dragon boat magazine named "Dragon Boat World International" (DBWI). The magazine has received great support from the IDBF and included the IDBF-newsletter "Dragon Boat International" (DBI), while still maintaining its independency.

To make a more clear difference towards DBI, in summer 2010 with issue No. 11 the magazine's name was changed to "Dragon Boat World Magazine!" (DBWM). However, coming into difficulties of selling sufficient advertisements, caused in the aftermath of the world's financial crisis, the publisher was forced to pick up another job. The initial intention was to keep on running DBWM aside, but this proofed  to be impossible due to a to high workload. - Running such a magazine is a full time job, even if you publish only four issues a year!

However, times have changed, perhaps Creative Dragon Works would be open for a revival of the magazine. - Who knows? For the time being you are offered the possibility of downloading all former issues from this page. Just click on the title pictures and the respective PDF-file will open. Save this to your disk.

Allthough the service is offered for free, maintaining a website like this costs money. Therefore you are kindly asked to make a small volunteer donation.


With many thanks in advance and please enjoy the reading:

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Dragon Boat World Intl.
DBWI Issue No. 1 - January 2008


Dragon Boat world Intl. No. 2
DBWI Issue No. 2 - April 2008


Dragon Boat World Intl. No. 3
DBWI Issue No. 3 - July 2008


Dragon Boat World Intl. No. 4
DBWI Issue No. 4 - Oct. 2008


Dragon Boat World Intl. No. 5
DBWI Issue No. 5 - Jan. 2009


Dragon Boat World Intl. No6
DBWI Issue No 6 - April 2009


DBWI Issue No. 7 - July 2009


DBWI Issue No. 8 - Oct. 2009


DBWI Issue No. 9 - Jan. 2010


DBWI Issue No. 10 - April 2010


Dragon Boat World Magazine
DBWM Issue No. 11 - July 2010